Why is it so hard to make money

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Is it really so hard to make money? If we look deeper into it, it’s just how we think it is. Reports say it’s human psychology that makes it so hard to make money. Some of the basic reasons why making money seems hard are: Lack of discipline Desire to impress others Expecting more with

Is it really so hard to make money? If we look deeper into it, it’s just how we think it is. Reports say it’s human psychology that makes it so hard to make money. Some of the basic reasons why making money seems hard are:

  • Lack of discipline
  • Desire to impress others
  • Expecting more with less effort
  • Lack of work ethic
  • Constantly doubting your abilities
  • Lack of proper planning
  • Over-spending
  • Investing without analysis
  • Exessive risk-taking
  • Greed

These are the behavioral deficiencies that make it hard to make money. This is the case with the majority of the people, that is why making money is deemed as a challenging task by many and the toughest job by some. Getting rid of these behaviors can be difficult but once you make your mind, it is doable. If you want betterment in your life, you will encounter many obstacles, only if you clear those obstacles successfully will you be able to succeed and achieve all that you wanted. We will talk about these hurdles and strategies to overcome these hurdles on your way to success. After all, money is a success, more money is more success.

The Habit of Spending Money over Saving It

Your success depends a lot on the way you spend your money. If you have a habit of spending your money without thinking about savings then you are surely going to regret it. No matter how good you earn, the risk is always there. You never know about the day to come, so you better be ready for every situation. They say you hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Money is the solution to most of our problems. Try to save first from whatever you earn and spend the rest and make sure you don’t do it the other way around.

Moreover, spending money will give you short-term happiness, be it a gadget, book, game, clothes, or anything you like buying. What happens after you buy it? You no longer feel the same and after some days, your interest decreases even more. That is how humans behave by default, you only want something until you don’t have it, once you achieve a thing, your wishlist moves on with you. You forget what you bought but the money is gone too. In comparison, if you save the same money, it might feel bad at the start because you didn’t spend it on stuff you liked but it will become an asset for times to come.

  • Do things that don’t require extra expenses.
  • Think twice before buying something.
  • Trim your social circle.
  • Frequently think about the benefits of savings and the disadvantages of spending.
  • Eat more at home, You will not only save money but improve your health as well.
  • Organize parties at home rather than taking your friends out.

Spending Time and Money on unhealthy activities

Time is money, use it intelligently, the same as you would use your money. Don’t waste time doing unproductive things, that will not only waste your time but will also affect your mental health. As a result, you will not feel 100% and end up being less productive. Hence, making money will seem even more difficult. How do you get rid of that habit? Let’s find out.

A slight change every day will lead to massive transformation over a period of time. All you have to do is be consistent and change one lousy habit each day that wastes your time. No matter how tiny that thing is, the time you save will be put to better use. Or, take it this way, add one good thing to your daily routine each day and you will see a massive difference after a while. Applying the change slowly will be easy for you to execute plus when you will give ample time to each good thing, your day will automatically come out as more productive. Here are some tips on how to utilize your time well and put it towards enabling new opportunities to earn money.

  • Spend your free time learning new skills, time will pass but skills will always remain as a tool to make money.
  • Meet with people who bring positivity to your life and drop the ones who get negative energy.
  • Avoid social media, instead, meet people in person.
  • Learn about better time management.
  • Train your body to sleep and wake up on time, a healthy body will always be more productive.
  • Eat and think healthy, positive life routines will help your financial progress.
  • Stop overthinking, take your first step today.

Being Impatient, Expecting results in a nutshell

Great things take time, keep giving your 100% and be patient. Studies show that over 95% of entrepreneurs fail to succeed, what could be the reason? They are mostly impatient and do not want to wait for success, hence they give up mid-way. If you have better goals in life, it will always take time, that is how it works usually. Here, we can not blame humans as they are not the most patient creature. People want more money which means bigger goals. Bigger goals mean more time to complete, mostly in years or even decades. Most people can not stay focused for that long and lose interest. That is where consistency comes into play.

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Ever read about any globally successful person? Their story will always have a lot of hard work and consistency. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, officially the wealthiest person in the world right now, didn’t make a mammoth of 177Billion USD overnight.

Similarly, Eoin Musk or Bill gates didn’t make their name in a month or a single year, they had to work their way hard through years or decades to get to where they are now. Read about the owner of LVMH, or Mark Zuckerburg, the owner of Facebook that everyone uses these days, did they just plan it one fine evening and become successful the next week? NO! neither will you. So, be patient and stick with your goal no matter how long it takes. Because, the longer it takes, the bigger the outcome. And, the bigger the outcome, the bigger the money.

Not Having Faith in Yourself to Make Money, Giving up easily

Goals that look impossible at the start are the goals that provide the maximum amount of money once you achieve them. Why it looks difficult or impossible at the start is because you tend to not have faith in yourself. With faith comes energy and with energy comes effort.

And, sincere efforts always bring results. But, honestly, when you sit down with your goal, the numbers will shake your head and it will ultimately look impossible all at once. But, if you really want something, there is always a way. Let’s talk about how you can achieve bigger goals without giving up on the way.

  • Break your bigger goal in steps, take one step at a time.
  • Each step should take approximately the same amount of time.
  • The outcome should increase with every step to keep you motivated all this time.
  • Drop negative energies off your mind, this will make it easy for you to have a clearer vision of your goals.
  • Adjust your goals realistically if you are still finding them impossible.
  • Save a tiny but fixed amount in a savings account every week to be used in case of an emergency, this will save you from any panic when in need.
  • Don’t listen to any negative comments made by people who don’t want you to succeed.
  • Keep working hard and never program your mind to give up in any situation.

Life will always bring the unexpected, be prepared for the worst, and stay strong. Only stronger people summit the highest of peaks. We will continue making money easy, please stay connected to read more content in the near future.







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