Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo
Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Fashion brings innovations with it. From coloring hair to making tattoos, everything develops with time. You may have seen tattoos on many people. Some like to make it on the neck and wrist. At the same time, many tattoo lovers prefer to make it on their wrists and other body parts. Well, tattoos can not count in fashion as they have a spcific purpose and history.

People love to draw tattoos for many reasons. A special moment or event is the leading cause of tattoos on body parts. Different countries have many tattoo tapes and purposes. The natives want to show themselves as a loyal part of that specific purpose. At the same time, more details about tattoo drawings are mentioned here.

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo
Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

As told earlier, tattoos have various kinds. Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo is one of them. It typically consists of three separate puzzle pieces. When putting together those puzzle pieces, it becomes a complete design. This tattoo design can represent the idea of,

  • Unity
  • Connection

And we are completing each other. In many states, puzzle piece tattoos symbolise friendship or love. Each piece represents a different person who meets the bigger picture together. These designs can be customised in terms of colors, size and shape, by which unique and personalized tattoos can be.

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo
Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

The tattoo you see on many wrists is a symbol of adoption. It shows many nationality types, which offer the interaction and connection between people and nature. Some of the puzzle tattoos have reason to show the autistic way. Awareness about the disorder is represented by drawing a puzzle tattoo.

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Images are placed on the desired body parts, establishing the connection between humanity and nature. At the same time, puzzle piece tattoos have many meanings and shapes.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo Ideas

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo
Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

Puzzle piece tattoos have many variations. People draw and make according to their choice. Moreover, the primary purpose of making tattoos are also included. People who are unconventional art from using their body as a canvas, unlike to shy away from anything. They love to make tattoos on arms, shoulders, neck and wrists. Some of the famous puzzle tattoo ideas are here.

Earth With Pieces Falling

In this tattoo, an earth globe has been shown in puzzle pieces. A few pieces of the puzzle will fall apart and create an exciting look. These tattoos manage to cover a large part of the body. The design is simple and soft on the face. The bright and vibrant color is used to fill the puzzle piece tattoos.

With Blanks

This tattoo has a transparent idea. The look is created in 3D view. This type of puzzle tattoo is quite challenging to draw. But the complete look is stunning. It will have a puzzle look tattoo that needs to be viewed carefully and filled in the completed.

Neck Puzzle Tattoo

These tattoos have a ripple flash look. It is made in such a design that it looks like the skin is ripping from the neck. The incredible look of falling skin is depicted in this puzzle tattoo. Some pieces of the puzzle can be shown as being fully formed. At the same time, many of them have a look as if they are in the process of formation. Mostly the blue color gives charm to this idea.

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On The Back

This puzzle tattoo idea is common in boys—a great canvas for a tattoo that needs space and dimension in different ways. A three dimension effect creates a fantastic look. You can show the puzzle as completed and in the process of completion. The puzzle piece gap shows the main three dimension idea.

Small Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo
Three Piece Puzzle Tattoo

The small puzzle tattoo is also called a micro tattoo. These intelligent and small puzzle pieces are mostly made on feet, wrists and hands. Even tiny puzzle piece tattoos can be seen on the ring finger with exciting designs. These small puzzle tattoos are discreet and meaningful, showing a connection and friendship. Some of the small puzzle piece tattoos are the following.

Single Puzzle Piece

A single object is drawn on a specific body part, representing the idea that humanity is a part of the big picture. And everyone plays an important role.

Minimalist Puzzle Piece

A simple and minimalist puzzle piece design adds a touch of elegance. These are excellent choices for tattoo lovers who want to make on their hands and shoulders.

Puzzle Piece With Initials

Incorporating initials into a design adds a personal touch, which shows closeness and symbolizes love and friendships. Mostly it can be seen in the shape of hearts.

Best Three-Piece Puzzle Tattoo Ideas

  • Matching Puzzle Piece Tattoo
  • Puzzle Piece Heart Tattoo
  • Puzzle Piece Ribbon
  • Geometric Puzzle Piece
  • Puzzle Piece Tree Tattoo
  • Puzzle Piece Animal Tattoo
  • With Quotes


Three Piece Puzzle Tattoos are interesting and exciting. People love to make different body parts. These tattoos are some message. Even many of them symbolise specific words and happening. These puzzle tattoos can show the connection and bounding.

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