How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?
How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

Whether it is a matter of wind or sand areas, drains can create a mess because of stuck sand in them. Many times homes have drained for the outside flow of water. Mostly sand gathered there for many reasons. Suppose you are living near the beach or sand areas. The main problem you get is drained clog because of stick sand inside. That can create many issues like clogs, leakage, standing water, and insect creations. So, to avoid that mess, you must take out sand from drains. Here are some of the methods that will be discussed about it.

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

Why Sand Stuck In Drains

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?How To Get Sand Out From Drains?
How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

There are many reasons for it. Many time you wash dirty clothe without covering the drain hole. The rinse-off sand gathered inside the drains, and with time it became a clog and residence of many insects. That creates many health issues. While washing sand down from things seems like a natural course of action. But it is causing damage to the plumbing system. Especially if you live in an old house, it is best to get our sand from drains to protect your house from the nasty mess.

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

Here are some of the essential tips to get sand out of drains. Follow all or any of them. On the other hand, getting sand out from the drains is quite a chore. But you have some special equipment and your hands from getting dirty.

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Drain Shower

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?
How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

It is the easy method of getting sand out. No specific tool requires. Just put on gloves and take a water bucket. Please get a hot water bucket. Warm water will help you to clear everything from your drain shower. Because mostly in drain shower have hairs, soap. And the sand that sticks inside the pipe. Just flow the warm water in the drain pipes to get the sand and other things out.

If there is more sand or debris, open the outside pipe and flow the warm water in the opposite direction. It will make a little mess in your bathroom but can clear the drain very well. In the end, repeat the process to clear the remaining sand from the drain. 

Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer is another way to get sand out. Take a washer pressure to flush the drain water forcefully. The high-pressure washer will flow the aggressively existing debris. Like sand which can be particularly difficult to clear out. Using this method, you want to disconnect your pipe so the water can exit freely. Moreover, make sure you plug your other drains like

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bathtub
  • Sinks
  • another drain opening 

Blow Bag

The blow bag is an extreme rubber bag, and it is designed to clear out sand and clog drains by expanding or blowing. For this, you must attach the bag to the open and end of the house. Stick the bag down the drain. Next, turn on the water to fill the blow bag. You will see the magic when it blows the sand out with water. Just keep in mind that the pressure of the water must be high so it can clear the sand out from drains.

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Electric Snake

It is another effective way to get sand out of drains. The tool is like snake shape metal. Like the electric drills. You must let the metal tool inside the drain pipe and turn the button on. The sand will break enough to travel through the machine. It will leave the drain unclogged. The actual thing is that you can find it in the tools hardware store. At the same time, you can lend it for one day to clear your drains. 

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?

Are The Methods Best

All the above methods are best to use. You can clear drain any part of your house, like the snake electronics that work by a machine. Just put the tool inside the pipe and turn on the machine. The magic you will see is the machine will clear out all the sand from drains. Flow the water afterwards to get all set. At the same time, the blow bag is one of the best ways to get clear drains.

Just attach it to the pipes and let open the water tap. With one blow, your drain system will be cleared. So, use all the above methods to get sand out from drain pipes.

How To Get Sand Out From Drains?


  • Do not use bare hands to clear the drains hole or even edges
  • Cover your mount and nose before the process
  • You can use drain cleaning products, but keep safe your eyes
  • When using blow bags, keep the waste outside of the house
  • Use a drain net to protect it from sand flow in
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The bottom line is, taking out sand from the drain is essential With passing time, it will become a sticky clog. That can cause blockage and many germs productions. Keep them clean on time to save your house from any leakage issues. 








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