Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Sitting around a fire pit with family is pleasant. You can enjoy warmness and family gatherings at once. The fire pit comes in sets. For your choice and ease, many types of fire pits are available. Like home wood, seven pieces counter-height fire pit. These sets are commonly used for dining tables. In the backyards or hall rooms, you can adjust them anywhere.

The option for seven pieces increases its charm. There is no worry about bringing an extra seat. A full flame fire is burnt via burner. Many fire pits are used with gas, while some have wood material. Some more information will be discussed here.

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Fire Pit Set

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set
Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

An outdoor object that is used to sit and decorate. A round shape set comes in a variety of materials and types. Most people build them to decorate the outside area like restaurants, hotels, public, parks, home gardens, and other important places. The home wood counter height fire pit is excellent for outdoor places. You and your family can sit together and enjoy the dancing flames on chilly nights.

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Home wood is the perfect choice for a backyard setting. This outdoor furniture with amazing features will give you a comfortable seat and view. The center table is flamed with a fire pit, which increases the beauty seen. This home wood set comes in counter heights for many purposes. More, the seven-piece includes a variety of home woods. It has many specifications you would like to see.

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Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set


This set includes seven aluminum and steel constructed counter height swivel chairs. A round-shaped fire pit table comes in the center. The furniture cover is convenient. It designs to serve for a long time. So, even when you do not use a furniture cover, it will not damage. The home wood table is 60 inch round porcelain fire pit. That fire pit comes with 5500 BTU and gas filler beads.

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit

The fire pit is equipped with electronic ignition and adjustable flame height. So you can burn the fire pit without any worry. Moreover, there is no danger of gas filing. Just turn on the flame and sit around easily. The cover stuff is convenient. With expertly hand-woven wicker, The rust-resistant swivel chairs are comfortable to use.

Member’s Mark Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set
Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Home wood seven pieces counter height fire pit is reliable. The chair is padded reticulated seated foams give extra comfort. This set offers long-lasting use and considerable style at a great value. Member’s mark home woods make an ideal addition to your backyard.

You can make outdoor living space elegant with members’ mark home wood. You can get this finishing furniture as a summer model. But cleaning and maintaining according to the season are important. So, it is on you, in which season and style you use member mark home wood fire pits.

To Set The Member’s Mark Home Wood

If you have a backyard, then all is set. Place the seven-piece set there and adjust it according to the location. Near the pool home, the wood fire pit will give a luxurious look. Many people prefer to set in outdoors. And in front of the main door. This look creates a fantastic view. Place the round fire pit table. Put the seven-piece counter seats around it. Just turn on the flames whenever you sit there and enjoy the moments.

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Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set Design

These sets are rust frees aluminum. The frames are reinforced with extra welds to add strength. Moreover, these home wood sets are hand-finished furniture made to serve for long-lasting. The hand-applied finish on all exposed aluminum is further protected with an added coat on the top. It provides extra protection from the elements.

The 50 inches fire pits feature top tiles with a natural stone border. A 60,000 BTU fire pit. Decorative fire glass and a burner cover are included with a fire table. This design allows you to use the table without fire pits. So facilitative and easy. The fire pit’s base is aluminum and houses the concealed propane tank, which controls the panel easily. And make it easy to push the button for ignition adjustable flame control.

Maintain The Member’s Mark Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set
Homewood 7-Piece Counter-Height Fire Pit Set

As told earlier, cleaning and maintenance are important. If you value your home, a wood fire pit is set. Then make sure to clean them. Here are a few tips to keep your furniture brand new,

  • Wipe down the almunium frames and wickers materials
  • Use mild soap or liquid soap with added water
  • Warm the water with a nonabrasive cloth
  • Use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe the cushions and fabrics
  • Clean all the debris or minor spills
  • Many tables are treated and sealed with special treatments. Because it helps to resist moisture penetration and staining
  • So, clean the top with a soft and clean sponge that will not fade the color.
  • Use warm, clean dish soap and water
  • Rinse with plenty of water to remove the soap residue
  • Then dry the water to avoid any spot
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Home wood fire pits and member mark seven pieces counter height fire pits are excellent. The value of this finishing furniture is much. You can style your outdoor and backyard areas with them. The staff is reliable and comfortable to use. You will never regret buying them.




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