Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?

Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?

Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?
Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?

Pipes are adjusted so that pressures and flow o water can pass easily. Many times, some clogs are stuck inside the pipe and cause leakage. You heard about it many times or have experienced bursting pipes and leakage. Clogging is the main reason for that. Many people do not know that pipes in their homes are connected to an undertreat pipe network.

That is why they smell bad whenever the pipe gets leakage. There are many reasons for the leakage of the pipe. By the way, clogging is one of them. More details are given below.


Many times pipes get leakage, either from the bathroom or kitchen. That you cannot understand what to do. Most people handle the situation by getting it somehow. While in most cases, people get messier leakage. The small crack in the plumbing system may not be seen immediately. With passing time, water taps from that crack. That issue causes a big mess on walls, floors, and roofs. The clog started blocking the water from inside, resulting in water leakage from the pipes.

Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?


Drains typically cause leaking in the sinks, tubs, and garbage disposal. Clogs cause water to back up in the drain pipe. The standing water in pipes causes leaks through the caulking and seals. The mess can cause by leaking, and clogged pipes are following.

Unpleasant Odor

Many things go down with water. These things include hair, food, waste, or gunk. All of these things accumulate substances in the pipes and cause clogging. The bacteria produce by this cause a smelly odor. This unpleasant smell can travel to another part of the house. That causes much irritation.

Water contamination

Clogged drains build up from waste, increasing water contamination chances. When passing through the clogged, it produces many bacteria. Moreover, when water gets stuck, it causes the water flow to go backward. This reason leads to dirty water.


Drain-clogged water causes the creation of pets. That makes the problems not only in the bathroom or kitchen but also in other areas of the house. The stagnant water in the pipes attracts many insects. Commonly lives inserts because of clogged leakage pipes are,

  • Cockroaches
  • Drain flies
  • Mosquitos
  • Phorid flies

Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?

Plumbing systems can be disturbed for many reasons. You have to test pipes from the inside. If there are clogged, then try to clean them. Here are some of the main reasons mentioned why clogged cause pipe leaks.


  • High Water Pressure
  • Broken Pipes
  • Shifting
  • Clogged

High Water Pressure

Many times people ignore this part. The pipe system requires balance in every line. If one of the pipelines is dandling or narrow, all water pressure passes through that line. As time passed, the water started leaking, clogged and becomes messier inside the pipe.

Broken Pipe

Sometimes broken pipes in the walls do not seem to be a problem. But after a while water starts dripping from the pipes and clogged, produced by this reason. It gets worsens if you do not notice. Pipes can be cracked over time. Many times poor, quality pipes become the main cause of broken pipes. It is essential to have an eye on the pipe system in-house. At the same time, pipes are breaking because of old and worn.

When there is damage to the surface of water pipes, with the pressure of water, the cracks start to become holes. Water and mess the property.

Clogged Pipe

Clogging is caused by leaking water. Just mentioned above that, water dripping makes the clogged inside of the pipes. Many bathroom drains are clogged, resulting in the dirt, skin flakes, hair bands, and soap scummy on the walls that cause drain pipes to become cloggy. Over time gunk accumulate and reduces water flow. We talked about the kitchen sink drain being clogged.

The main reason everyone knows. The leftover food flows in the sink pipes. Coffee grinds are the worst food waste type. When it flows through sink pipes, it creates extremely fine granular waste. This waste sticks to sludges found in pipes and becomes clogged.

On the other hand, joint pipes are also a reason for the production of clogged. They can create blocked water pipes. So take care of every step about leaking pipes.

How To Get Rid Of Them

Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?
Can A Clogged Pipe Cause A Leak?

Do not wait for time. Take some steps to clean the cloggy pipes. Because if the clogs remain in for a long time in the pipes, it will be difficult to clean them. Even the leaking water does not stop and damages the property. Some of the quick tips are mentioned following.

  • Pour boiling water
  • Pour a cup of baking soda and vinegar
  • Cover the drain plug for ten minutes
  • Pour boiling water again to clean the rest of clogged
  • Use insect killer spray and do inside of the pipes
  • Or pour the pipe cleaner solution
  • Spry the odor cleaner inside the pipe to stay away from the lousy odor


The clogs are the main reason for leaking pipes. Although there are causes also found in water taping from the pipes. But all can be seen. The inside issue of clogged does not become visible soon. When water starts damaging walls, roofs, and floors, you notice the problem. But before it is too late, look at pipes every month. So you can know the issue on time.




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